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28/11/2010 / Kaj

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In advanced of the UN Climate convention meeting in Cancun, UNEP convened well over 20 leading climate modelling centres and research institutes in order to asses how far the world has moved towards keeping a global, 21st century temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius.

As Achim Steiner writes in the new report – Climate Action Programme – If all nations pledges are met in full and supported by efficient climate financing for example, then it is possible that around 60 % of what is needed up to 2020 could be delivered.
This would leave a gap of around five Gigatonnes of CO2 equivalent that must be bridget if emission are to peak and then start falling sometime in the next ten years.

Five Gigatonnes represents around five times the current emissions of international aviation and shipping combined or is equal to the global road transport emission from cars, buses and trucks in 2005.

Investment and proactive incentives in energy efficiency and green technology are now top of the agenda in many countries. Energy figures show that bioenergy is now larger than the oil sector in supplying energy to Swedish society – a positive sign that should spur other nations to minimise their dependency on fossil fuel.

Strong and clear corporate and political governance are prerequisites in meeting the new challenges now facing society. The dependency on fossil fuels is a complex issue that influences both political and business leaders in their daily work.
Investment and incentives for achieving greater energy efficiency and implementing green technology are increasingly national priorities.

Since 2000 I have had the opportunity of developing ideas and strategies for leadership within the area of sustainable development. It has been a time of inspiration and knowledge seeking. For me, it is about laying the foundations for an increased understanding of the game rules and principles for long-term and systematic work towards sustainability in enterprise.

However, the complexity of the sustainability issue is such that, without a scientific approach to principles and goals, the journey will be exceedingly difficult.

Read more about this in the new report Climate Action – Assisting business towards carbon neutrality – You can order it for free by sending an e-mail to me at ( only few copies still for free) or buying it from the website
Climate Action Program


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