Waiting time for a breakthrough in Copenhagen

17/12/2009 / Kaj

Dear all,

Time is short. But, it is still a time for a crucial breakthrough in Copenhagen. The world leaders would not risk a new “WTO failure”. I am still a bit tired after our work in Malmö City the 8-9th of December. The ladies Margot Wallström, Mary Robinson and Gro Harlem Brundtland did a fantastic work as facilitators. 2 days hard work with people from all continents. Malmö City representatives encouraged the participants about their high ambitions to reduce GHG emission. And given proof of solutions that are possible. The key factor here is the political leadership and human beings behaving. Malmö have already enough technology solutions and the finance is not a big issue. And the participants now know that – a high ambition Climate Change strategy is good business for the citizens, business and the local government. If you would like to have a summery from the Malmö conference look at http://gallery.me.com/kembren48/100146
So, if you plan for a trip tom Sweden in 2010, please do a stop over in Malmö to get inspiration for the work to come.

If you would like to follow up the work from Road to Copenhagen – visit www.roadtocopenhagen.org – If you would like to see the final press conference with the three ladies in Copenhagen visit – Final press conference at Bella Centre with the official delivery available at http://www3.cop15.meta-fusion.com/kongresse/cop15/templ/play.php?id_kongressmain=1&theme=cop15&id_kongresssession=2369 –

Best regards

Kaj Embrén


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