Thoughts after Copenhagen – in the eye of 2010

21/12/2009 / Kaj

So, now we know. Something went wrong in Copenhagen, but was it completely unexpected? I don’t think so. Many of us had hopes. One outcome is very clear; we are all on the Road again. I think we have a inherent problem in our political system in handling international issues that reflect on national political interests. This year we can also add The WTO’s Doha Round talks that failed. Both the WTO and Climate Change agreement have a huge impact for all of us.

Copenhagen has given us a political deal of sorts, but it is not sufficient to assure people that the political sector is taking Climate Change seriously. The political sector needs to rethink its own role in how to deal with Global issues. One of the problems could well be in the national system. We see how the national US policy is challenged by a strong lobbying sector that puts democracy at risk and doesn’t give Obama the right to deliver what he has promised his voters.

On the other side of the coin we have a system for strong decision-making based on totalitarian power. China can deliver, but to let the world outside China set the conditions in international deals is a new scenario that gives rise to great difficulties.

However, I don’t wish to reflect more on the challenges that exist in the political sector. We can work in other constellations that will help the political sector to come on board through pressure from local level. Civil action networks and market-oriented solutions are what we now have to build our trust around. We already know that we are doing our utmost to find ways of fighting Climate Change. The technology is there and we can solve the financing issue. It’s the human behaviour factor that we have to look at.

It all boils down the leadership. The Road to Copenhagen conference in the City of Malmö with Mary Robinson, Margot Wallström och Gro Harlem Brundtland was full of inspiration and gave a good sense of leadership. Wise women with experience and a good portion of trust in their bag. They have an important mission in 2010. You can see the summary in a video from the conference –

I end these New Year thoughts with my 6 priorities for the year to come:

1. Women and also youth independent leadership groups should form an international pressure group to fight Climate Change and to open the perspectives in the political sector. Give the politicians a definition of words an actions related to trust, honesty, transparency, justice, participation, consensus and solidarity.
2. Mayors in cities can play a key role in supporting actions and exchanging knowledge and experience. Malmö and other cities in both developed and developing countries have a story to tell on how to be Climate Neutral.
3. In the short term, support technology that already exists and do not focus too much on CCS technology. Promote greater opportunity to rebuild Climate-neutral district energy systems in Eastern Europe, UK, China and US.
4. Full support to solar, wind and alternative fuels in the second generation of biofuels such as Methanol.
5. Sustainable Development and Supply Change – Support a new CDM sector with new actors that already are in the developing countries with advanced links to SMEs.
6. Preservation of the rainforest through international agreement with legal binding and penalty rules built on the experience of the Montreal Protocol. The Montreal Protocol with its widespread adoption and implementation has been hailed as an example of exceptional international co-operation.

Have a nice Christmas and Happy New Year!



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