There is still time to change course

21/03/2011 / Kaj

In a new book, Anders Wijkman, former Member of the European Parliament and Johan Rockström,Professor and CEO of Stockhom Environmental Institute(SEI) stress the need of action by the Global civil society 

Some of the issues they see as important step are

• Change the organization of research and education in favor of more interdisciplinary – a system where the understanding of the whole radical improvement, not least in business studies.

• Strengthening global governance. To create a new and stronger United Nationvsis a major challenge.

• Reforming the economy’s legal framework. Give natural capital and ecosystem services from a value on the market. Supplement GDP with indicators that give afair picture of living standards.
• Develop new business models – built more on leasing and services – where profits are not primarily dependent on increased volume sales.

• Decide on a new Marshall plan – a contract between developed and developing countries, where poverty reduction, environmental and climate concerns giftstogether.

• Continue efforts for an international climate agreement. Pending such: Bet the maximum to develop new and efficient energy technologies that can reduce the risks both for the “peak oil” and a more unstable climate.

Development model has come to an end. Read more about the book in the article in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagblabdet – the article in Swedish


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