The soft talk in the restroom……

03/07/2012 / Kaj

The events in Almedalen can make you frustrated. Why? Time is short and nearly everyone is caring on issues in their minds and would like to discuss and some will like to present brilliant new ideas….. And sometimes you feel that  you will go away from the crowed. And relax a bit…

One calmer place could be the restroom…. But not here in Almedalen. Here they are…… behind the doors talking and explaining why this new technologies are better than others. And as many other times in Almedalen this year the “restroom theme” was focus on bioenergy and – about gasification and energy efficiency. This time it was the entrepreneur who tried to explain for the local politician….

It is amazing how peoples energy is “released” in the Almedalen week. And what I found most promising – the huge number of young people who are participating in this political “hot pot” in Almedalen.

Tomorrow a new day with about 300 events – some of them will

See the CEO interviews that gives you an insight of important political issues that are connected to Sustainable Development in Almedalen.


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