The economy might be growing, but it’s not greening

25/05/2011 / Kaj

Reading headlines is deceiving. With the amount of news stories about wind turbines, electric cars and green jobs, one would think that we were at least heading in the right direction. Looking at the key figures, however, tells quite another story.

Global emissions of CO2 reached a record high in 2010 according to the newest data from East Anglia University. The world’s carbon intensity — the amount of CO2 emitted per dollar of GDP – is still way too high. Renewables are essential to sustainable growth, but geothermal, wind and solar account for only 1.7% of global electricity generation in 2009. Fossil fuels still account for 80-90% of global energy.

The numbers can be boring, but we need to look at them. Otherwise, we get caught in a dangerous deception. A cocktail of political rhetoric and mass media coverage easily leaves the impression that there are enough stakeholders out there doing the right thing and we need not worry.

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