The car industry the next step for battery entrepreneur Christina Lampe-Önnerud

13/04/2011 / Kaj

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Among the 850 participants at the Sustainability Day in Stockholm April 12, I met again Christina Lampe-Önnerud, CEO of Boston-Power. It was two years ago since I met her in Boston and she was just to sign the first big contract with HP, with Boston-Powers lithium-ion battery. With 150 patents in the baggage she aims now to focus on a wider market implementation, but she have a big interest in the car industry. Investors are interested in the new green technology development.

For many in the car industry it is a matter of survival. The development of the gasoline engine to a more sustainable, efficient and energy-efficient motor has stood still for too long. But now it seems the development has accelerated. In this week the World Race in 2011 start, where you will find 18 cars and trucks come to start in New York and then passing through Beijing to Paris ….. There are hybrids,biogas and other alternative fuels driven cars.

Among them are a multifuel Corvette, a 1929 Ford Model A, a turbocharged natural-gas Volkswagen Jetta, a 1916 Studebaker racecar and a Freightliner semicab.

The race is supposed to refer back to the contest that took place in 1908 to highlight its characteristics in a good way of transporting people and products. Read more in the New York Times


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