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08/07/2011 / Kaj

This weekend, craft lovers in the Bay Area, San Fransisco, US will have ample opportunity to celebrate the handmade.

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The Renegade Craft Fair will be hosting its fourth annual sale in Fort Mason, and the Oakland Fiber and Textile Festival is gathering for its second year at Oakland Splash Pad Park. Hundreds of vendors will display their goods amid interactive demonstrations of recycled rubber toys and heritage quilting techniques.

But a growing number of Bay Area consumers and designers are interested in more than the hand-crafted — they want to understand the sourcing.

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The worlds raw material are under threats and growing demands for the industry to develop sustainable solutions are increasingly stronger. New development that will encourage both energy efficient and sustainability are hopeful signs. Raw silk is usually a neutral creamy color, but by adding a chemical dye to the diet of silkworms, researchers in Singapore have produced cocoons of brightly colored, luminescent silk thread.The technique could eliminate the need for energy-intensive traditional dyeing, which results in large amounts of polluted wastewater.

It could also open the door to large-scale production of revolutionary biomaterials with new functions, notably in medical science, say researchers conducting the experiment at the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering

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