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Biofuels for cars and airplanes

Tweet In an article today in The New York Times we could read that the world’s airlines will carry 2.8 billion passengers and 46 million tons of freight this year. They will burn somewhere between 210 million and 220 million tons of … Continue reading

World Bank to launch $130m CDM fund

Tweet The World Bank will use U.N. climate talks later this year to launch a new initiative to funnel CDM cash to some of the world’s poorest countries, a bank official told Point Carbon News. Read also earlier blogs

Roadmap for Sweden – zero emissions in 2050

Tweet The Swedish EPA will develop a roadmap to Sweden without a net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Several authorities are involved in the work and it will be based on dialogue and interaction with society as a whole. The … Continue reading

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Tweet In a new report from Pew Center on Global Climate Change by Daniel G. Huber and Jay Gulledge, Ph.D issues are raised about the extreme weather and Climate Change to understand the link and how to manage the risk. Munich Re, the … Continue reading

EU Parliament votes against reducing carbon emissions by 30%

Tweet The European parliament on Tuesday rejected a key report that would have toughened the EU stance on greenhouse gas emissions, after political wrangling that wrecked hopes of a compromise. A rebellion by the UK’s Tory MEPs helped to swing … Continue reading

Transport in cities

Tweet Many questions are issued how to meet the public demands of a clean air in cities all over the world. Chinese had to ban cars in front of the olympics to lower the level of pollution. London will be … Continue reading

A step forward in the car industry by Volvo

Tweet Emissions are down to 49 g/km of CO2. The V60 Plug-In Hybrid will offer three distinct modes. Its most eco-friendly setting, Pure, uses the electric motor as much as possible, allowing for up 50 kilometers, or around 31 miles, … Continue reading

In the shadow of the oil spill

Tweet Dear friends, The future of the oil industry is under discussion. It is not only related to the fact that we can see a peak of the oil sources already in 2012 (US Military Defence survey). Environmental – social … Continue reading

Svenska miljöteknikföretag måste stärka sin marknadskommunikation

Tweet Ett av samtalsämnena då Andreas Carlgren, svensk miljöminister, var på besök i London var hur svensk kunskap och erfarenhet skall få en starkare position och synas mer på den engelska marknaden. Trots att Sverige är en liten nation så … Continue reading

Reducera utsläppen av koldioxid med 60 % till år 2025, men hur?

Tweet Mayor of Londons klimatprogram är ambitiöst. Det behövs om man skall nå de utsatta målen. London har idag 7,5 miljoner innevånare och en energikonsumtion motsvarande Portugal samt koldioxidutsläpp som uppgår till 43 miljoner ton per år. Investeringsaktiviteten i klimatprogrammet … Continue reading