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Gloomy figures in the US economy, but here comes the Super Greens….

Tweet Many do not equate the environmentally focused activities of composting, recycling and using  rechargeable batteries as primary activities of the high‐incomeAmerican jet set. But, according  to a new report from Scarborough Research, the “Super Green”  – those consumers who engage  in the highest … Continue reading

Talk about sweets…… from a nordic perspective

Tweet A new Nordic report shows that sweets and snacks have a significantly greater adverse impact on the environment than healthy food products. For the first time ever, this type of environmental impact has been documented. Iceland is the top … Continue reading

Cancun temperature raising 2

Tweet In advanced of the UN Climate convention meeting in Cancun, UNEP convened well over 20 leading climate modelling centres and research institutes in order to asses how far the world has moved towards keeping a global, 21st century temperature … Continue reading

Conflict Minerals – Complexity and dilemmas in the Supply Chain Management

Tweet In earlier blogs I have raised the complexity regarding Sustainable development and strategies for leaders. One issue that is just on the way to the top of the agenda for businesses is Conflict Minerals. The IT sector that produces … Continue reading

Inspiring sustainable leadership

Tweet If you are looking for inspiration then look no further than Aron Cramer’s and his co-author Zachary Karabell’s new book Sustainable Excellence — the future of business in a fast-changing world. Aron Cramer has been a leading light within … Continue reading

Ledarskap för en hållbar utveckling

Tweet Vi står mitt i en samhällsutveckling där företag, organisationer och politiker ompositionerar sig och intar nya ansvarsroller. I en tid av globalisering så blir influenserna utifrån mycket större. Något av detta lyfts fram av Niklas Egels-Zandén i en av … Continue reading