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The 2011 Global Online Environmental & Sustainability Survey and more….

Tweet In a new study titled 2011 Global Online Environmental & Sustainability Survey, conducted by digital analysts Nielsen and polled 25,000 internet respondents in 51 countries we can read that 75% of the global online consumers say they take raw materials into … Continue reading

Oil-spill 4 – Ogoniland, Nigeria

Tweet UN environment programme (UNEP) report on Ogoniland published on Friday, has genuinely shocked people around the world and gives hope to impoverished communities on the delta that their struggle for human rights against pollution and poverty is at least being … Continue reading

Roadmap for Sweden – zero emissions in 2050

Tweet The Swedish EPA will develop a roadmap to Sweden without a net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Several authorities are involved in the work and it will be based on dialogue and interaction with society as a whole. The … Continue reading

Hard Rain now on the Road to Rio

Tweet Dear friends, I am just back from Brazil and have follow up work on the world tour of Hard Rain Exhibition. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the project’s founding partner; it is supported by the Swedish International … Continue reading

New wave of graduates interested in values based jobs

Tweet Suddenly, “sustainability” seems to resonate with the sex appeal of “dot com” or “start-up,” appealing to droves of ambitious young innovators. Amelia Byers, operations director for Idealist.org, a Web site that lists paid and unpaid opportunities for nonprofit groups … Continue reading

Attitudes of European citizens towards the environment

Tweet The latest EU Barometer showing that 89% of people think that more funding should be allocated to support environmentally friendly activities and developments. Visit the result of the EU Barometer – Attitudes towards the Environment.

The critical voice of the Environment movement

Tweet 40 years after the birth of the modern environment movement, it has turned into an unwieldy behemoth and its tactics have stalled. This prompted criticism that he is out of touch with the movement. In an open letter to green … Continue reading

China facing difficulties and challenges

Tweet “The overall environmental situation is still very grave and is facing many difficulties and challenges,” said Li Ganjie, the vice minister. Mr. Li said biodiversity was declining with “a continuous loss and drain of genetic resources.” The countryside was … Continue reading

Oil and Gas argument with a funk beat

Tweet If you prefer your environmental journalism rapped to a funk beat, then you can’t miss with “My Water’s on Fire Tonight,” a music video out of Studio 20, the media innovation lab at New York University’s graduate school of journalism. … Continue reading

Fossil fuel drilling in the Arctic Ocean granted by Obama

Tweet The US president Obama said he would extend leases already granted for drilling in the Arctic Ocean off Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico that had been frozen after the BP spill last year. Read more in the New … Continue reading