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New IEA World Outlook Report on Energy

Tweet Modern energy services are crucial to human well‐being and to a country’s economic development; and yet globally over 1.3 billion people are without access to electricity and 2.7 billion people are without clean cooking facilities. More than 95% of … Continue reading

Biofuels for cars and airplanes

Tweet In an article today in The New York Times we could read that the world’s airlines will carry 2.8 billion passengers and 46 million tons of freight this year. They will burn somewhere between 210 million and 220 million tons of … Continue reading

The first bio refinery in Sweden from agriculture crops

Tweet Just outside Svalöv in Skåne is Sweden’s first biorefinery to make the chemicals of agricultural crops under construction. There, wheat, hemp and other plants is converted into chemicals, plastics, paints, pet bottles, packaging, ink, vitamins and other products that … Continue reading

Oil-spill 4 – Ogoniland, Nigeria

Tweet UN environment programme (UNEP) report on Ogoniland published on Friday, has genuinely shocked people around the world and gives hope to impoverished communities on the delta that their struggle for human rights against pollution and poverty is at least being … Continue reading

Nuclear debate on the agenda by Jonathan Porritt

Tweet Jonathan Porritt: “Why George Monbiot is completely wrong on nuclear power”. “For some time now George Monbiot  has astonished his colleagues by becoming a mouthpiece for the nuclear industry. He laid out his reasons for doing so in a Guardian Environment blog … Continue reading

After Fukushima – The role of Nuclear Power

Tweet Following the earthquake and tsunamis that tragically impacted Japan in March, the unfolding crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant has captured public attention for months. Energy experts are now questioning the long term impact of the Fukushima disaster … Continue reading

David Suzuki about the Energy Crisis

Tweet Last year, the world watched another energy-related calamity unfold, as oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico after an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform. Both the nuclear crisis in Japan and the oil spill in the Gulf focused … Continue reading

Climate and Growth in China

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John Elkington on Leadership and Sustainability

Tweet Looking ahead towards 2012 with the 25th anniversary of the Brundtland Commission, the 20th anniversary of the Rio Earth Summit and the London Olympics at the centre of attention I’m reading the New York Times. The reason for the … Continue reading

Cancun temperature raising 2

Tweet In advanced of the UN Climate convention meeting in Cancun, UNEP convened well over 20 leading climate modelling centres and research institutes in order to asses how far the world has moved towards keeping a global, 21st century temperature … Continue reading