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What will Rio+ 20 deliver?

Tweet The preparation of the Rio Earth summit in June next year are now on the road and a statement have been delivered by the Chief Executives in the UN organisation. A wide and general platform that need to be discussed … Continue reading

Fair Tax: It’s About Socioeconomic Welfare, not Warfare!

Tweet Some week ago week Paul Ryan, chairman of the House of Representatives budget committee, accused President Obama of waging “class warfare” with his proposed taxes on top-earners. Ryan went on to claim that any such attempt to dismantle Bush-era … Continue reading

The 2011 Global Online Environmental & Sustainability Survey and more….

Tweet In a new study titled 2011 Global Online Environmental & Sustainability Survey, conducted by digital analysts Nielsen and polled 25,000 internet respondents in 51 countries we can read that 75% of the global online consumers say they take raw materials into … Continue reading

Seattle – a vision for a carbon-neutral city

Tweet Cities play a unique role in addressing climate change, and Seattle has long been a leader in this field. Recognizing the extraordinary challenge of carbon neutrality and in preparation for updating its Climate Action Plan by 2012, the Seattle Office … Continue reading

Sustainability and biofuels

Tweet The Dutch government has granted temporary acceptance to four biofuel sustainability systems from July 1 to December 31, 2011. – The four systems are: – Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) – International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) – … Continue reading

Deforestation in Brazil accelerate

Tweet Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon accelerated in June, with more than 300 square kilometers destroyed, a 17 percent increase over the previous month, government researchers said Tuesday. The National Institute for Space Research (INPE) said 312.6 square kilometers (120 square … Continue reading

Textile – Fashion and Sustainability

Tweet This weekend, craft lovers in the Bay Area, San Fransisco, US will have ample opportunity to celebrate the handmade. A nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization providing local coverage of the San Francisco Bay Area for The New York Times. To … Continue reading

Political Governance and Sustainable Development on the agenda in Sweden

Tweet   How can we agree to agree? That is the underlying question the Tällberg Forum 2011 asks this summer, in Sigtuna Sweden. In a rapidly changing world, we need new governance mechanisms that fit with the emerging realities. The … Continue reading

China facing difficulties and challenges

Tweet “The overall environmental situation is still very grave and is facing many difficulties and challenges,” said Li Ganjie, the vice minister. Mr. Li said biodiversity was declining with “a continuous loss and drain of genetic resources.” The countryside was … Continue reading

Humans may have loaded the bases, but nature bats last

Tweet When I was born in 1936, just over two billion people lived on the planet. It’s astounding that the population has increased more then threefold within my lifetime. That staggering growth has been accompanied by even steeper increases in … Continue reading