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Revolution, Recession AND Sustainability

Tweet Revolution and recession. For good reason, these two words have dominated headlines over the past year. Yet talk of such political and financial tumult has resulted in the neglect of a third issue, which is both critical and germane: … Continue reading

Fair Tax: It’s About Socioeconomic Welfare, not Warfare!

Tweet Some week ago week Paul Ryan, chairman of the House of Representatives budget committee, accused President Obama of waging “class warfare” with his proposed taxes on top-earners. Ryan went on to claim that any such attempt to dismantle Bush-era … Continue reading

Solutions for Rio – debate in the UK Parliament

Tweet More than 150 politicians, businesses and NGO:s participated in the discussion about the roadmap to Rio +20 and Stockholm+40. The threats of our civilisation was present in the discussion. Mark Edwards the producer of the Hard Rain exhibition clarified and … Continue reading

Sweden on the top of the list of biofuel use in Europe


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Friends of Graemeen

Tweet Yunus, known as “the banker of the poor”, has become unstoppable, with 3.7 million people now having signed a petition; Mary Robinson leading Friends of Grameen with a powerful international coalition of supporters; and the French and American governments speaking … Continue reading

From Stockholm on the Road to Rio de Janeiro 2012

Tweet An interview with Dr Ashok Khosla, President of IUCN, one of the speakers at the 3rd Nobel Laureate Symposium on Global Sustainability development in Stockholm between on 16-19 May 2011. The interview highlights the issues of ongoing international negotiations, … Continue reading

Fish stock declining figures under debate

Tweet 33 percent of all stocks are over-exploited and up to 13 percent of all stocks have collapsed says in a new study from Two University of Washington scientists have just published a study in the journal Conservation Biology. It’s not … Continue reading

Durban a new disappoitment in the Climate negotiations?

Tweet Will the developing countries see any further steps on climate justice or will the negotiators struggle away from a possible deal? US climate negotiator Todd Stern and European climate commissioner Connie Hedegaard played down the chance of a breakthrough after a … Continue reading

From Staff Benda Bilili to Congo’s minerals

Tweet I used the last friday evening to see a new film in Stockholm . Suddenly you are there. Meeting the sunlight of Kinshasa Zoo in Congo when the Staff Benda Bililis musical rhythm sounds get strong. My soul create emotions which took me to different … Continue reading

Has the Earth’s sixth mass extinction already arrived?

Tweet Over the past 540 million years, life on Earth has passed through five great mass extinctions. In each of those catastrophes, an estimated 75 percent or more of all species disappeared in a few million years or less. Read … Continue reading