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Sustainable Capitalism?

Tweet I read a very interesting article in the International Herald Tribune, that discussed how the new model of corporate management and ownership was creating companies that had anonymous and absent owners and shareholders. I am a firm believer that … Continue reading

Ranking of first Climate Change movers

Tweet Ranking of global companies are something that can be a way to see where the first movers are. Ranking systems that have been looking into the climate issues and are connecting to the growth of the Low Carbon Economy … Continue reading

Solutions for Rio – debate in the UK Parliament

Tweet More than 150 politicians, businesses and NGO:s participated in the discussion about the roadmap to Rio +20 and Stockholm+40. The threats of our civilisation was present in the discussion. Mark Edwards the producer of the Hard Rain exhibition clarified and … Continue reading

Raising the bar for sustainability rating agencies

Tweet The quality of sustainability analysis by rating agencies has been put under a microscope this year, as the relevance of long-term sustainability impacts to investment decisions increases. There are currently 924 signatories to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, … Continue reading

Summer readings – 2 books and reviews

Tweet It is time to think about summer readings and why not look into the new book – The Age of Responsibility. The writer Wayne Visser shows how the old model of Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility (CSR) is being replaced by … Continue reading

The green movement is “out-of-touch, ineffective and bureaucratic”

Tweet The green movement is “out-of-touch, ineffective and bureaucratic”, according to the campaigner who spent a decade leading Friends of the Earth in the UK , which celebrates its 40th anniversary on Wednesday. “Worryingly, in every major green group, managers, administrators, … Continue reading

From Stockholm on the Road to Rio de Janeiro 2012

Tweet An interview with Dr Ashok Khosla, President of IUCN, one of the speakers at the 3rd Nobel Laureate Symposium on Global Sustainability development in Stockholm between on 16-19 May 2011. The interview highlights the issues of ongoing international negotiations, … Continue reading

How to build a Sustainable Economy?

Tweet It is a lack of global issues in the Swedish Political debate. I am going to inspire to more thinking in the global issues the month to come. I would like to recommend a reading of the presentation: – How … Continue reading

SAP gives the thumbs down to nuclear in a new CSR report

Tweet SAP has released its fourth annual sustainability report. It details the company’s impact in three areas; delivering customer solutions that turn sustainability into a business opportunity, improving SAP’s own sustainable operations, and pursuing social innovation to create sustainable growth. … Continue reading

Sustainability Brand study in Sweden – Coop, ICA, Volvo, Arla Foods and IKEA on the top of the list by consumers

Tweet Coop, ICA, Volvo, Arla Foods and IKEA are the brands that are considered the best in environmental and social responsibility in Sweden. The best sectors are retailers, food producers and carmakers. According to the largest brand study on Sustainability, … Continue reading