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Sweden may have moved first to break fossil fuel dependency, but it’s no thanks to the pension funds

Tweet The planet’s atmosphere is constantly being flooded with more greenhouse gases. The more that we unleash, the more we warm the planet. Put simply: now is the time to let our fossil fuel reserves rest in peace. If we … Continue reading

Irrational people, behaviors and decisions

Tweet I often find myself thinking about our ability to make decisions. Perhaps this is because the fundamental ethics that lie behind our choices can apply to both the large and small issues that we deal with each day – … Continue reading

Respect Climate: Looking for Smart Climate Solutions

Tweet We are a long way off solving the problem of climate change. One need only to think of the string of failed climate negotiations or the recent massive investments in tar sands and shale gas to appreciate this. It … Continue reading

Stockholm+40 – Sustainable Solutions on the Agenda

Tweet On 23-25 April 2012 Sweden’s Ministry of Environment and Ministry for Foreign Affairs opens an international conference, Stockholm+40 – Partnership Forum for Sustainable Development. The discussions, which will attract a number of the world’s leading political figures, mark the 30th anniversary of … Continue reading

Ranking and awards to Sweden’s top sustainability figures

Tweet “You do not just get respect, you earn it”. This quote represents a core part of the values-based mission that led to the formation of Respect in 2000. Twelve years later and an increasing number of individuals are earning … Continue reading

Resilient People – Resilient Planet – New report

Tweet Global Sustainability Panel Says a “Future Worth Choosing” must be based on true costs to people and the environment Addis Ababa, 30 January – Now more than ever, leaders need to focus on what matters most – the long- … Continue reading

Sustainable Capitalism?

Tweet I read a very interesting article in the International Herald Tribune, that discussed how the new model of corporate management and ownership was creating companies that had anonymous and absent owners and shareholders. I am a firm believer that … Continue reading

How economy, energy efficiency and climate change work together

Tweet As I mentioned in earlier blogs – cities have a key role to play to reduce their carbon footprint. The Empire State Building is one of the new best practise of energy efficiency in US. The network of Mayors … Continue reading

From words to action – Rio+20

Tweet Many policies have been written to underscore the important move in the direction of a Sustainable Development. One of the latest is written by The Alliance for Future Generations Rio+20 working group what they called – The Open Challenge Paper. … Continue reading

Solutions for Rio – debate in the UK Parliament

Tweet More than 150 politicians, businesses and NGO:s participated in the discussion about the roadmap to Rio +20 and Stockholm+40. The threats of our civilisation was present in the discussion. Mark Edwards the producer of the Hard Rain exhibition clarified and … Continue reading