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Sweden may have moved first to break fossil fuel dependency, but it’s no thanks to the pension funds

Tweet The planet’s atmosphere is constantly being flooded with more greenhouse gases. The more that we unleash, the more we warm the planet. Put simply: now is the time to let our fossil fuel reserves rest in peace. If we … Continue reading

Good night Doha and wake up!

Tweet Why should we give any hope to national governments to succeed in a deal on Climate Change. It is a waste of money to take more then 10.000 people to a negotiation in Doha based on false hope. It … Continue reading

A new report on Climate Negotiations – still not enough!

Tweet A new report from Stockholm Environment Institute – Mobilizing Climate Change Action beyond the UNFCCC regarding the on-going negotiation on Climate Change  – did not clarify necessary needs of change . My reflection is still that the processes are very … Continue reading

Why politicians and economists are left behind

Tweet John Elkington asks in the Guardian if innovation and new business models can do the same for sustainability in the 21st century? The biggest problem and challenges businesses, politicians and NGO:s have –  Our society is not aligning the human and … Continue reading

Ranking of first Climate Change movers

Tweet Ranking of global companies are something that can be a way to see where the first movers are. Ranking systems that have been looking into the climate issues and are connecting to the growth of the Low Carbon Economy … Continue reading

For us, the 99%, is Durban going to deliver?

Tweet In the middle of some of the most turbulent political and economic crises of modern times, UN climate negotiators will meet in Durban, South Africa, on November 28th. Their greatest challenge will be making their voices heard above the … Continue reading

New CDP report on Water

Tweet New York, 16 November 2011 — The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Water Disclosure global report launched today finds that 57% of the 190 publicly listed organizations that participated in the survey report board-level oversight of water policies, strategies, or plans. By comparison, … Continue reading

New CDP report published

Tweet The Nordic Countries are leading when we look at the combination of Economic Growth, Reduction of GHG and Reduction of Fossil fuels. The green taxation system and incentives have promoted green solutions in the market place. The Nordic CDP … Continue reading

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Tweet Extreme Weather and Climate Change.

Higher returns from top carbon performers

Tweet Disclosure Project (CDP) Global 5001 report, published today – 14 September 20111, which examines carbon reduction activities at the world’s largest public corporations, has found for the first time in the ten year history of the survey, that the majority … Continue reading