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Why will Sweden be a leader on Bioenergy?

Tweet   Some days ago I visited Gothenburg in Sweden to meet people coming from Swedens Bioenergy sector. I did an interview with Gustav Melin, CEO of Svebio – The association of Bioenergy in Sweden. Read more from an earlier … Continue reading

Sweden’s Renewable Majority

Tweet 51%. The majority of Sweden’s energy comes from renewable sources. It is an achievement that has surpassed both the EU’s target of 49% by 2020 and the Swedish parliament adopted target of 50 percent in 2020.The seeds to this … Continue reading

Sweden will not fear a new oil crise – less dependent on oil…..

Tweet The Swedish newspaper – Dagens Industry – said yesterday that the world price of crude oil is highest ever measured in Swedish kronor.Even taking inflation into account the oil is more expensive today than it was during the oil … Continue reading

Nordic Businesses can lead on Sustainability

Tweet In a world fighting its way through a deep financial depression and facing an oil crisis, watershortages and climate threats, active leadership on sustainability is required in all types of organisations. Energy figures show that bioenergy is now larger … Continue reading