Sweden will not fear a new oil crise – less dependent on oil…..

24/03/2012 / Kaj

The Swedish newspaper – Dagens Industri – wrote in an article this weekend that the world price of crude oil is highest ever measured in Swedish kronor.
Even taking inflation into account the oil is more expensive today than it was during the oil crises of 1970 – century. On friday, Financial Times write in another article warning about fears for recovery as oil cost soar. The EU spend 2,8 % of the bloc´s GDP on crude.
But, Dagens Industry explain that Sweden will not fear of a new oil crisis, because Sweden is less dependent on fossil fuel.
Sweden spend 1,63 %  of its GDP on crude. Swedens use of Bioenergy is since 2010 bigger than oil – se below. Energy Efficiency in buildings and less use of energy to produce product and services is also reasons for less use of fossil fuels.
Final domestic energy use in 2010. Svebio calculation based on Swedish Energy Agency forecasts.

In fact only a handful of countries will have made the mark, just 7 of the 27, namely Sweden, Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Portugal and Slovakia. The last three took until last year to achieve their targets, whereas the first four were already outstripping their European commitments as early as 2008.

Sweden have now passed over 40 % of the new car sales with alternative fuels. Sweden is also expanding its work with the second generation of bio ethanol and methanol – based on cellulose. Sweden differs also in several ways from the rest of Europe, the statistics show. Among other things, the growth of biogas as a vehicle unique. The increased last year by 40 percent, while large parts of Europe have nobiogas as vehicle fuel. Total biogas is too modest 0.4 percent in the consumption of biofuels in the transport sector in Europe.

In Brazil, 86.5% of the cars sold in 2010, that is 2.9 million vehicles, were of the flex-fuel type, so 42.2% of Brazil’s fleet runs on ethanol, which amounts to 11.7 million vehicles.

Read more in the Euro Barometer on Biofuels and also the blog in the shadow of the oil spill


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  2. Alice Quayle

    Hi ~ could you please give a link or reference for that statement

    ‘ Dagens Industry explain that Sweden will not fear of a new oil crisis, because Sweden is less dependent on fossil fuel.
    Sweden spend 1,63 % of its GDP on crude.’

    cannot find it online ~ thanks very much,


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