Sustainability Brand study in Sweden – Coop, ICA, Volvo, Arla Foods and IKEA on the top of the list by consumers

22/03/2011 / Kaj

Coop, ICA, Volvo, Arla Foods and IKEA are the brands that are considered the best in environmental and social responsibility in Sweden. The best sectors are retailers, food producers and carmakers. According to the largest brand study on Sustainability, Sustainable Brands, where consumers get to judge who is the most durable brands in the Swedish market.

The study included 3183 Swedish consumers who responded to questions about how they perceive and assess the work on environmental and social responsibility among 151 brands in 12 industries. Behind Sustainable Brands is the media company IDG, in cooperation with the management consulting firm Relational Capital Partners and research firm Novus Group.

– By the Sustainable Brands we create metrics for communication about sustainability and the sustainability agenda as a business opportunity rather than a threat. There must be a clear financial objective of sustainability efforts, otherwise the firms’ effort never be long term, “says Erik Hedén Head of IDG Research.

The basis of the study, the 10 principles in the UN Global Compact, which deals with corporate responsibility for environmental, human rights, labor and anti-corruption. The aim of the study is to demonstrate the importance of working more business oriented with sustainability issues and communication about these.

– It’s not about “green wash” mark, but about daring to communicate that the company takes the issue seriously and genuinely making an effort to realign our business, although it has not reached a final conclusion yet, “said Thomas Zimmermann, president of Relationship Capital Partners .

A clear result is that Swedish companies are generally perceived as good at sustainability among consumers, regardless of industry. Even in the industries in which consumer attitudes are generally negative, showing Swedish companies an advantage over foreign firms and the fact is that all industry winners are more or less in the Swedish foundation.

– The question is whether the Swedish company is really better for sustainability than foreign, and if not – what are the risks in this case, the outcome of the Swedish companies? To ensure that clients’ standpoint is based on real knowledge should be an interesting next step for these companies, “says Erik Hedén.

Another insight is that Swedish consumers believe that corporate sustainability performance has a significant impact on their buying decisions today, and they think they will be affected even more in three years. It confirms the importance of companies understand that customer perception drives their economic reality.

More information about the Sustainable Brands 2011

3183 Swedish consumers between 16 – 79 years were asked to answer how they perceive and assess the environmental and social responsibility among 151 brands in 12 industries. The survey was conducted during the last quarter of 2010.

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