From Staff Benda Bilili to Congo’s minerals

17/04/2011 / Kaj

I used the last friday evening to see a new film in Stockholm . Suddenly you are there. Meeting the sunlight of Kinshasa Zoo in Congo when the Staff Benda Bililis musical rhythm sounds get strong. My soul create emotions which took me to different directions of thoughts.

For me, the music in Staff Benda Bilili returns to Bouna Vista Social Club, which also pumped out the beats with a the strong link to African roots.

The story of Staff Benda Bilili is also a very strong social and inspiring story. From a life in the streets of Kinshasa to the music stages all over the world. You will be taken on a travel through social mobilising, ethics, leadership and partnership. You will meet questions that should provide a lesson into corporate CSR responsibilities and the Political Governance agenda.

The rich sources of minerals in Congo is applicable to both conflicts, corruption, ethics, political governance, markets deals and social justice, Companies such as Intel, Nokia, Ericsson and Apple struggle to meet the demands of sources and meet their own CSR policy.

It involves more countries than Congo, but the history of Congo is long and lawful and need to be addressed.

It should not be costly effort to give a better social condition for the population in countries in Africa. But, without political stability it is a hard work. Not impossible, but hard. Corruption in conflicting areas is something business need to address and act on. Businesses and politicians in the world can, through the film, get an insight that both inspires and raises questions. A first step could be to follow universal UN principles in the Global Compact.

The impact on corporate social responsibilities should also reaches out to those contractors who are dealers on the streets and slums of the world’s great cities.  And also efficient international rules that will open up bank accounts held offshore by corrupt generals and political leaders.

Hopefully the documentary can give inspiration to put this issues higher up on the agenda in both developing and developed countries.

Africa is a continent of conflict, as many others. And it is something that will never end if we not bring the issues up on the agenda. The conversation I had with Mrs Margot Wallström on conflict of minerals, some time ago, shows the dimension of the problems in Congo.. See the interview

The documentary film that has now been released to theaters all around the world. So why not start by watching the film in the Easter weekend.

Listen to the Staff Benda Bilili


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  1. About Africa Today ( April 18th,)
    This comment is sent from the municipalities of Machakos, Kenya. Together with half od Kenays new counties (24 out of 47 adressed in the new constitution) Sida Partnership Forum facilitate” Green Solutions Week” in Machakos and has put up The Hard Rain Exibition in the city.
    David Ndii, Foresight Economics, researchers from Stockholm Environmental Insitute and PRIA, Participatory Research Institute of Asia ( India) challenges the City Mayors and Town Clerks to plan and build a sustainable african future.
    It is inspiring to be part of this debate and engagement and it is truly serious.

    Dag Jonzon, Sida Partnership Forum

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