Sydney are on the track to meet its 70 % GHG reduction target

01/06/2011 / Kaj

The City of Sydney is committed to innovative low carbon solutions, to share our research and to build partnerships for action says the female Mayor of Sidney Clover Moore. We were the first Australian local government to become carbon neutral in 2007 by buying green power and carbon offsets. We’ve since completed 18 solar projects, reducing emissions by 180 metric tonnes and we have established a $2 million per year renewable energy fund.

Through building retrofits we’ve reduced emissions by 17 percent across our property portfolio since 2006 and we’ve trialled low energy LED street lighting, showing it can halve energy use. We are installing the proven products on our 8,500 street lights and encouraging other authorities to follow suit across Sydney. Read more about the interview at C40 Sao Paolo website



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