REDD – when will a deal come?

01/08/2012 / Kaj

The UN‐REDD Programme is seeking to identify four Civil Society Organization (CSO) representatives to its Policy Board: one CSO from each of the Programme’s three regions (Africa, Asia‐Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean) and one CSO from a developed country. The Bank Information Center is conducting the self‐selection process at the invitation of the UN‐REDD Programme, following consultations with theIndependent Advisory Group on Forests, Rights, and Climate Change.

July 13 2012 marks the start of a three‐week nomination period for the self‐selection process, which will end on 3 August, 2012, to be followed by a three‐week voting period from 10-31 August 2012. The election will conclude in time for the new CSO representatives to travel to Brazzaville, Republic of Congo for the ninth meeting of the UN‐REDD Programme Policy Board on 26-27 October 2012.

Access the nomination form at the following site: 
Self‐nominations are accepted. Nominations should be submitted

In an interview by The China Post, Christian del Valle, environmental markets and forestry director at BNP Paribas said:

“There is growing impatience with the multilateral process, not only from practitioners such as myself, but more importantly, from many forest countries themselves,”

“Thus far the multilateral process has not delivered meaningful on-the-ground results, and forests continue to be lost because the only accessible price signal today indicates they are worth more cut down than standing,” added London-based del Valle, who is driving the bank’s investment in forest protection in Africa and Latin America.

A full U.N. climate deal could create a market through which rich polluting countries can buy carbon credits, paying for forest protection in the process, just as they pay for clean energy projects now under the Kyoto Protocol’s existing carbon offset market, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

So far the only demand for forest carbon credits has been in the voluntary carbon market, worth US$424 million last year, which lacks the binding rules that underpin the CDM.

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