Ranking of first Climate Change movers

09/12/2011 / Kaj

Ranking of global companies are something that can be a way to see where the first movers are. Ranking systems that have been looking into the climate issues and are connecting to the growth of the Low Carbon Economy are the Carbon Disclosure Project  and Climate Counts.

In the last week Climate Counts delivered its 5th annual results.

Since 2007 Climate Counts has rated companies on their commitment to climate leadership with two primary goals in mind – offer consumers an easy-to-use method for making informed purchasing decision and provide companies an environmental benchmark which to identity

their standing in relation to their peers. The study said – drawing from the five years of data, the trends appear promising with scores improving 54% from 2007 to 2011 and half of all companies embracing formal strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emission.

Overall, the top 3 companies of the year are Unilever, Nike and Siemens. Download the report

In Sweden, where I am based, some companies have decided to be climate neutral and some of them are businesses first movers to both save cost, reduce their impact on climate change and strength their brand. Read more at http://www.klimatneutral.se/climateneutral-en This is afollow up programme from the Business Leaders Initiative on Climate Change (BLICC) which was ongoing from 2001-2010 with companies like Ikea, The Body Shop, Fortum, Maersk and McDonalds. Read more about Climate Program and sustainability.



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