OECD released a new report on water

24/03/2011 / Kaj

Maybe some of you not have noticed that on Tuesday is was the World Water Day, an occasion to celebrate water and its crucial contribution to human life in all its forms. To mark the occasion,the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has released a report that gathers available evidence on the benefits of investing in water and sanitation services.

The emphasis of the report is on presenting the facts and figures in a way that can grab the attention of policy-makers and investors.

Read the article in The Guardian

So let’s start with the facts: almost 1 billion people lack access to safe water supplies, and 2.6 billion are without access to basic sanitation. Approximately 10% of the global burden of disease worldwide could be prevented with improvements to water, sanitation and hygiene and better water resource management.



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