New Danish report – Get more from less

23/01/2012 / Kaj

Denmark, which took over the presidency of the EU on 1 January ( 6 month), hopes an agreement can be reached at the 9 March meeting on the the commission’s low-carbon roadmap.Today a new report tell us that Denmark is one of the most energy-efficient countries in the world.

More than 1,200 cleantech companies currently operate in Denmark – one-fifth within energy efficiency – contributing approximately 10 pct. to the total exports of the country.

This report describes the growth potential that comes from demanding more from less; why companies should form clusters, share knowledge and create a complete and exportable package of solutions; why energy efficiency is the shortest – and cheapest – way to cut emissions and reduce the demand for fossil fuels, and still holds a lot of potential in Denmark; why the future winners in the global business community will be those who adapt to a new energy-efficient reality; and what drive investments in energy efficiency.

The report include solutions are ready and available today. Solutions of Today – existing solutions that will save energy and grow the economy. Solutions that make it possible to get more from less.

Read more about World Energy Outlook.


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