Malmö climbing to the top

09/05/2011 / Kaj

Malmö, the third biggest city in Sweden (nearly 700.000 with its neighborhood areas) climbing to the top position of Siemens Green Cities Ranking in the category “buildings”.

Malmö city performs better than Stockholm – which ranks second on the list overall.

Energy use in residential and high standards of energy efficiency in new buildings are examples of parameters in the category.

– Western Harbour is an excellent example of how high standards conducive to the sustainable urban development, where energy-efficient housing is supplied to 100 percent of locally produced renewable energy.

Even in the categories of “waste” and “use of land” Malmö ports in the top thanks to 46 percent of the waste are recycled, a figure that compares with the European average of 18 percent. Copenhagen and Stockholm, listed total first and second place, finished eighth and ninth place in the recycling of waste.

See the interview with the Mayor of Malmö, Ilmar Reepalu

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