Lund named Sweden’s best Sustainability Municipality 2011

01/07/2011 / Kaj

Lund will be in first place in the magazine Environmental News ranking of Sweden’s municipalities from an environmental and sustainability perspectives.

The assessment is based on several studies and environmental rankings and from the Environmental News, as well as from various stakeholders including Nature Conservation, Green motorists and organic food center.

One of the more prominent areas of the City of Lund’s environmental work is the internationally acclaimed work on the transport systems. It carries Lund a long-term effort to reduce transport by car and increase the proportion who walk, cycle or travel by public transport.

– Protecting the countryside and the benefit of biodiversity is a key part of our environmental work in the municipality of Lund, says Karin Loodberg, Head of the department for environmental, public health and safety.

Lund is a city with a high proportion of young people.

– In conjunction with environmental conference COP15 in Copenhagen, organized a special climate conference for young people in Lund, says Karin Loodberg. A concrete example of the youth democracy work produces results.

Several years in a row, Lund distinguished itself by having the highest percentage of organic food in the communal kitchens. The municipality currently has 36 percent organic food as an average over all operations, and five schools and kindergartens have been more than 90 percent organic food.

Lund makes major investments in sustainable urban development. Recently, Lund funds from the Delegation for Sustainable Cities for the implementation of innovative environmental ideas.

The award for best Swedish municipality of sustainability will be awarded in Visby during Almedalsveckan.




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