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17/01/2011 / Kaj

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After Mexico – Now is it time for actions in the EU

The total EU budget for Climate Change for the financial year of 2011 stands at 27 billion Euros.

It should be enough to achieve much needed energy efficiency and reduction of  greenhouse gas emissions.

The budget is broken down as follows:

333,5 million Euros for – Environment and Climate Actions;

1,5 billion Euros to support sustainable development within the European Union Network for Transport and Energy;

65 million Euros in fast start finance for developing countries;

700 million Euros for the development finance  with climate angle;

9.13 billion Euros for R&D related to climate.

15 billion Euros from the structural funds with focus on Environmental investment

The same level of budget is expected for the coming years of 2012 and 2013.  According to the EU, current levels of funds can be increased if business starts to contribute and become more active in the fields of climate.

The budget, as it stands, should be enough to kick start serious actions in all sectors in the climate area.

However, one question remains: is the EU ready to disburse the funds effectively or do we face the risk of bureaucratic hurdles that will hamper the success of much needed actions?

A survey prepared for the Climate Group, revealed that resource and energy efficient technology could save around 800 billion Euros until 2020 by reducing business use of energy.

The energy company Eon started a smart climate campaign in Sweden last week. It says that if everyone turns off the stand by mode in all electrical devises, there would be a energy savings equal to the entire Swedish wind power supply today (2009)

Such campaign will certainly make   producers of products using stand by technology to think in a different way.

Business should be more proactive and interact with the EU to speed up the actions for a Sustainable Society and fight Climate Change.

Why wait?


Kaj Embrén

PS Those of you interested in this topic can follow and  twitter – during Tuesday 18 Jan Noon -14 pm when I will take part in the EU Commission in Sweden European Office discussion  “Where do we go after Mexico?”

Sources: The Climate Change EU Unit in Brussels, E.on and the Climate Group


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