Indian consortium buy Swedish Green Solution Company – Domsjö Factories

19/05/2011 / Kaj

An Indian group buys biorefinery Domsjö factories with 350 employees. The seller is the private equity consortium that

once saved the endangered plant closure. See the interview with the CEO of Domsjö



– For all the Domsjö this is only good news. The company may be an owner who has a financial strength and the owners stress that one wants to invest in research and development activities, “says Domsjö factories President Ola Hildingsson. 
Hildingsson also sees other benefits to Domsjö. 
- We will be able to access all the lessons are with the new owners. They are one of the world’s leading producer of viscose staple fiber with two factories in Canada and one in India, which has similar construction as in Domsjö.



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