In the shadow of the oil spill

26/07/2010 / Kaj

Dear friends,

The future of the oil industry is under discussion. It is not only related to the fact that we can see a peak of the oil sources already in 2012 (US Military Defence survey). Environmental – social and economical issues are strongly linked to the discussion. With daily reports from the Mexican Gulf, China and the Nigeria delta most people now can see the price of the oil threats. It is a necessary issue for both political and businesses leaders to strengthen their efforts to solve the energy crises with long term sustainable energy sources. As Sweden was quickly in the forefront of future solutions and not dependent on fossil fuel, we can now see the result of what a society can do in a step by step approach. For the first time, bioenergy is bigger than the oil sector as an energy provider to Swedish society, which gives a positive signal to minimise the dependency on fossil fuel.
One sector that is behind but will be under discussion is of course the transport sector. One of the positives to emerge from the Swedish political week in Almedalen this summer was that many politicians were convinced that alternative transport fuel is on the way, despite sustainable bioenergy transportation figures still being under 6 per cent. As a society we have to act systematically with investors, innovators, businesses and politicians. Sweden may be an exception but has an opportunity to play a leading role.

If you have any problem understanding the numbers and text (text in Swedish) in the graph below please don’t hesitate to contact me.

With summer greetings from Stockholm
Kaj Embren



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