How economy, energy efficiency and climate change work together

07/12/2011 / Kaj

As I mentioned in earlier blogs – cities have a key role to play to reduce their carbon footprint. The Empire State Building is one of the new best practise of energy efficiency in US. The network of Mayors of cities are growing and now the European and US Mayors have agreed to work more close to each other. Energy efficiency is one of the “low hanging fruits” when action programmes are to reduce the climate impact and carbon footprint.

All can also be linked in the work for aSustainable city development.  

Today the building is undergoing a major sustainability retrofit to become a leading example of economic and environmental revitalization.

Consulting, design, and construction partners Clinton Climate InitiativeJohnson Controls Inc., Jones Lang LaSalleNYSERDA, and Rocky Mountain Institute recently completed an eight-month modeling and analysis project which will save 38 percent of the building’s energy and $4.4 million annually.

Creating a leading example for the design of commercial retrofits was at heart a learning experience for the team. In the process of developing specific project recommendations, the team uncovered several key lessons for the retrofit of large multi-tenant commercial office buildings.

Read more “Lessons Learned”

See also the examples from other cities






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