Highlights from 2011

03/01/2012 / Kaj

We have started a new year. It has been a year of unique moments of dread and hope.  Out of the most repressive corners of the globe, youngsters pulled out their mobile phones to promote revolutions, showing their fearlessness and putting the old traditional repressive structures to shame.

They have not succeeded in every case, the number of martyrs is absurdly high and tyrants remain in power. But the message from the youngsters is clear: they want freedom and respect.  I want to pay homage to these selfless heroes that have come out to show that changes are possible.  Throughout   this year, I have given my token of contribution by indicating that we need to revolutionise the way we do politics and business if we are to have a future as a race.

Opportunities exist and examples around us can demonstrate that change is possible.  Norway has built their welfare state and wealth in twenty years.  Libya can do the same – revolution, recession and sustainability

It is time we start to think outside the box and stop ignoring what is in front of our eyes.  Cities will continue to grow and by 2050, most of the world population will be urban.  Mayors are starting to exercise the power they have to transform the cities into liveable environments, ignoring the stalemate competition that has so far hindered the development of global bidding agreements to reduce green house gas emissions.  The Durban conference delivered one step in the right direction, not the solution I believe is needed.- See Limburg go Climate Neutral 

As we read the economic analysis and predictions for the year ahead, we are met with sombre prognosis. Europe has the global eyes on it. Will it be able to deliver change? Will it use desperate times to lead the development of new solutions?    The history of mankind says this is possible.  We must cooperate to help the fast development of the low carbon economy in order to secure the earth sustainability and our survival as a species.

What are we waiting for?  The time is now.

Kaj Embrén


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