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17/04/2014 / Kaj

My Easter travel will be through my books. I decided to go back to my memories of the Amazon Rainforest. I have spent several years travelling and working together with indian tribes in the Amazon. I visited the Amazon together with my wife Juneia Mallas. She has now published her first book – a thriller based on her 30 years of work in the Amazon and 15 of those years as a journalist. Her storytelling of the jungle tales never ceases to amaze me. But the tales are far from fiction. Many of the business leaders and politicians from all over the world who had the opportunity to travel with her will recognise the places and stories.

I think no one of us who decides to read her book will be disappointed. And these are the first reviews:

I have never been in Amazonas, except when I read this book. I can only think of the American writer Donna Leon, who always write very good thrillers taking place in Venice, Italy. Always with a real problem in society as background.

Christina Ståldal, chief librarian

Gold, Guns and Blow” is a Page-Turner. We both enjoyed it a lot and we are sure that the film makers will soon be after it! Juneia Mallas is able to cover a vast amount of factual material, politics, sociology, ethnography, finance and integrating this into a vivid and polemic story line.”

Harold and Joan Lambert

I am amazed by “Gold, Gund and Blow”! It provides not only an interesting source of knowledge on the Amazon, but also entertainment in a story that is so well-plotted. Juneia Mallas managed well a marriage between fiction and non-fiction. I really enjoyed reading it. I feel inspired by it and might even take up my own idea for a book as a hobby.

Carl-Johan Kvist

All in all, a thoroughly well written and good book to read giving insight into a way of life completely alien to me. I suppose you do know that this is how some lives are but the detail in the book brings it all to life.

Nikki Finnigan

I could not let it down! I LOVE IT ! The end was so thrilling. I learned so much I felt I had a special tour with you in your native country… Thank you for sharing all these things you know with the world.

Bernadette Grosjean


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Here a taste of the plot:

Gold, Guns and Blow – Tales from the Amazon takes place in Amazonia in the 1980s: a lush, humid Wild West, patrolled by bandits and governed by drug barons and corrupt officials. It is a place where gold, mahogany and violence are the only accepted currencies, and assassins serve as debt collectors.

It tells the story of film producer and rainforest wanderer, Ayara Ekkbo’s hunt for her lover’s killers in the jungle. Her search reveals the secret and strong partnership between an international banker, hired assassins and narco traffickers.

The role of banks in the laundering of drug money is a fact widely reported by the international media.  In December 2012, HSBC bank agreed to a record $1.92 billion fine to settle charges with United States authorities after the bank breached rules against money laundering, including charges related to $831 million from Mexico drug traffickers.

The Amazonia described in the book is real. Clandestine roads and airstrips for illegal landings dot the region, which has open borders and very little policing.

The settings, themes and characters featured in the novel are drawn from Mallas’s own experiences working as a journalist and documentary maker in Brazil.  Having reported from the Amazon region through the 1980s for media outlets such as BBC, Channel 4 and CBC, she has witnessed at first-hand the drug trade, violence and perils found in Gold, Guns and Blow.

Stockholm Easter 2014

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