From words to action – Rio+20

03/11/2011 / Kaj

Many policies have been written to underscore the important move in the direction of a Sustainable Development.

One of the latest is written by The Alliance for Future Generations Rio+20 working group what they called – The Open Challenge Paper. From this paper I would like to make a point of the one of the parts  – The Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development:

” Frameworks for the delivery of sustainable development from the international through to the national and down to the local level call for strategies, governance, performance management frameworks and appropriate monitoring and reporting. More qualitatively, but equally important, strong leadership and meaningful accountability from top to bottom are also essential. Due regard for the needs and well-being of future generations needs to be hard-wired into this architecture to ensure that long-termism becomes a matter of course and that appropriate checks and balances are in place.

Regional, national and subnational governments and institutions should use Rio+20 as an opportunity to share ideas on how best to incorporate long-termism and the needs of future generations into regional and domestic policy decisions, including the policy tools and institutional settings that could help to achieve this in ways that respect principles of sustainable development.”

But, how will we build trust within the peoples daily connection with businesses, neighbourhoods, local politicians and organisations. This will only be possible with help from solutions that already are in place.

Hopefully many solutions examples will be in place in Rio to inspire people to take action from all the nice wording….



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