Extreme Weather and Climate Change

22/07/2011 / Kaj

In a new report from Pew Center on Global Climate Change by Daniel G. Huber and Jay Gulledge, Ph.D issues are raised about the extreme weather and Climate Change to understand the link and how to manage the risk. Munich Re, the world’s largest reinsurance company, began compiling global disaster data in 1980. In that data set, 2010 had the second largest (after 2007) number of recorded natural disasters and the fifth greatest economic losses. Although there were far more deaths from geological disasters—almost entirely from the Haiti earthquake—more than 90 percent of all disasters and 65 percent of associated economic damages were weather and climate related (i.e. high winds, flooding, heavy snowfall, heat waves, droughts, wildfires). In all, 874 weather and climate-related disasters resulted in 68,000 deaths and $99 billion in damages worldwide.

Read the full report sida_partnership_forum_20110928_2



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