EU budget to fight Climate Change – The LIFE program open for proposal

06/04/2011 / Kaj

The fifth LIFE+ call for proposals was published on 26 February 2011, with up to €267 million available for co-financing of projects under three headings: nature and biodiversity; environment policy and governance; and information and communication.

Project proposals should be sent no later than 18 July, 2011.

Read more at the EU website


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  1. Alana Limes

    … everybody has to be an environment detective!
    Talk to children and teach them how to the save the planet during their day, every day! Here are some statements by pupils (8 years) from Germany:
    “I don´t like that people use the rainforest for their daily paper!!! I use recycled paper with the blue angel!”
    “The people who are responsible for using wood should take more care if it is really necessary to take so much.”
    “People should think about what they REALLY need. And they should think about alternatives like fairtrade products und recycled products.”
    “Shops should switch off their marketing light during the night!”
    “Families should be informed about how to use heaters correctly!”
    ” Everybody should save water and electricity!!!”

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