EU Action Plan on Energy Efficiency

24/05/2011 / Kaj

The Commission’s Energy Efficiency Plan 2011 was discussed and debated with delegations from national parliaments during the EU Sustainable Energy Week on 12 April 2011 . The event focused on the way forward as regards the promotion of energy efficiency in Europe.
During the conference, the Commission noted that Member States were not in favour legally binding 20% energy savings target for 2020, and that accordingly the Commission had, for now, only proposed legally binding measures.
The Commission also outlined next steps as regards putting the Energy Efficiency Plan into practice:
(1) a new legislative proposal on energy efficiency and savings merging the energy services Directive and the combined heat and power Directive,
(2) a communication on smart grids, (3) ecodesign and energy labelling measures, (4) the reinforcement of the covenant of mayors, (4) a smart cities and smart communities initiative and (5) financing tools.
The Draft Council conclusions can be found here

The Energy Efficiency Action Plan can be found here

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