Economy, Public are key to climate deal

23/07/2011 / Kaj

In the article from the Energy Summit in June, Alister Doyle, Environment Correspondent, Bonn, Germany have summerize the position of the international negotiations on Climate Change.

Wider public unease about climate change and stronger economic growth are likely to be needed to revive sluggish UN talks after hopes for quick agreement on a treaty have fizzled, experts say.

Many nations at UN talks in Bonn from June 6-17 seem resigned to a long haul -more like arms reduction talks or UN. trade negotiations – after failure to agree a binding UN.

“Public awareness is really going to be the key,” to spur a deal to avert heatwaves, droughts, floodsand rising seas, said Rajendra Pachauri, Head of the UN panel of climate scientists.

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Cities must play a more important role within the member states, with regard to both climate agreements and trade policies. Perhaps it is time to change roles or at least renew the interaction between governments and local players?

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