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Tweet Issues of energy efficiency and sustainable energy production may have featured less prominently in the recent unrest, but they may present the greatest long-term opportunity for Kiev to seize control of its own fortunes. European investment can also play … Continue reading

Climate strategy is a welfare issue

Tweet Europe is facing a shift political agendas. This transition will place greater focus on welfare, in both the short- and long-term, and in both policy and action. The organizations and individuals involved in social dialogue feel that the political … Continue reading

A Question of Leadership

Tweet As regular readers of my blog will know, the reasons to embrace sustainability range from the moral (think: averting climate chaos) through to the hardheaded (think: job creation). Regrettably, one vital incentive is missing: government backing. Despite what the … Continue reading

Stockholm+40 – Sustainable Solutions on the Agenda

Tweet On 23-25 April 2012 Sweden’s Ministry of Environment and Ministry for Foreign Affairs opens an international conference, Stockholm+40 – Partnership Forum for Sustainable Development. The discussions, which will attract a number of the world’s leading political figures, mark the 30th anniversary of … Continue reading

The climate issue is about more than activists on the streets

Tweet The disappointing failure of our national governments to agree on a climate treaty has prompted the return of protest and more traditional forms of activism that have drawn people onto the streets. The threat to our planet remains as … Continue reading

PhD Student developed a new method for the Clothing industries most dangerous chemicals

Tweet The new recipes will hopefully take away the clothing industry’s most dangerous chemicals. Mary Jonstrups, a PhD Student in biotechnology at the Faculty of Engineering in the Swedish University city Lund have developed a new method to purify dyed … Continue reading

Sustainable urban development one of the key issues as Rio +20 planned

Tweet In Rio de Janeiro plans start to take shape before the Earth Summit 2012. One year left, and expectations are not very high. 20 years have passed since the last Rio Conference and the 40 years since the Stockholm … Continue reading

Svensk miljöteknologi i fokus de kommande veckorna

Tweet Det har nu gått några veckor sedan jag smält intrycken från Växjö då Swentec (Sveriges Miljöteknikråd) tog ett krafttag för att lägga ytterligare en byggsten på en svensk satsning för en starkare miljöteknikexport. Sverige är ett litet land på … Continue reading

Svenska miljöteknikföretag måste stärka sin marknadskommunikation

Tweet Ett av samtalsämnena då Andreas Carlgren, svensk miljöminister, var på besök i London var hur svensk kunskap och erfarenhet skall få en starkare position och synas mer på den engelska marknaden. Trots att Sverige är en liten nation så … Continue reading