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New rating – Leaders in the IT industry

Tweet The latest Cool IT Leaderboard ranks 21 IT companies on their clean energy leadership potential, willingness to embrace clean energy solutions and potential to influence energy decisions. Google topped the table for its clear support of stronger US clean … Continue reading

City ranking in Europe and the London Olympics 2012

Tweet In an interview with Andrew Mitchell, FCO Director for 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, in London this week we discussed the Sustainability targets for the games. See the interview and what he said about the Carbon Neutral targets and other … Continue reading

The critical voice of the Environment movement

Tweet 40 years after the birth of the modern environment movement, it has turned into an unwieldy behemoth and its tactics have stalled. This prompted criticism that he is out of touch with the movement. In an open letter to green … Continue reading

The green movement is “out-of-touch, ineffective and bureaucratic”

Tweet The green movement is “out-of-touch, ineffective and bureaucratic”, according to the campaigner who spent a decade leading Friends of the Earth in the UK , which celebrates its 40th anniversary on Wednesday. “Worryingly, in every major green group, managers, administrators, … Continue reading