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Tweet Issues of energy efficiency and sustainable energy production may have featured less prominently in the recent unrest, but they may present the greatest long-term opportunity for Kiev to seize control of its own fortunes. European investment can also play … Continue reading

Stockholm Hammarby Sjostad: the next steps

Tweet The development of sustainable cities can be approached by many ways. As I discussed in my previous blog, the London Olympics showed how a metropolis can mobilise to promote sustainable practices. But we have a very different example here … Continue reading

PhD Student developed a new method for the Clothing industries most dangerous chemicals

Tweet The new recipes will hopefully take away the clothing industry’s most dangerous chemicals. Mary Jonstrups, a PhD Student in biotechnology at the Faculty of Engineering in the Swedish University city Lund have developed a new method to purify dyed … Continue reading

Store electricity – new technology on the market

Tweet NEC Corporation has made a breakthrough with the launch of its household energy storage system, which is equipped with lithium-ion batteries and can simultaneously control electrical power throughout the home. The first 100 units of this industry first will … Continue reading

Textile – Fashion and Sustainability

Tweet This weekend, craft lovers in the Bay Area, San Fransisco, US will have ample opportunity to celebrate the handmade. A nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization providing local coverage of the San Francisco Bay Area for The New York Times. To … Continue reading

Bringing Low-Carbon Solutions to Market – new report from PEW Center

Tweet In October 2011 the Pew Center will publish the results of this research effort in a comprehensive report on best practices and insights into how to further advance low-carbon business innovation. The report, Business of Innovating: Bringing Low-Carbon Solutions to Market, … Continue reading

Raw material for fashion industry

Tweet The worlds raw material are under threats and growing demands for the industry to develop sustainable solutions are increasingly stronger. New development that will encourage both energy efficient and sustainability are hopeful signs. Raw silk is usually a neutral creamy … Continue reading

The car industry the next step for battery entrepreneur Christina Lampe-Önnerud

Tweet Among the 850 participants at the Sustainability Day in Stockholm April 12, I met again Christina Lampe-Önnerud, CEO of Boston-Power. It was two years ago since I met her in Boston and she was just to sign the first big contract with HP, with Boston-Powers lithium-ion battery. With 150 patents in the baggage she aims now to focus on a wider … Continue reading

Entrepreneurs awarded – Wastewater to create biodiesel

Tweet Hydrovolts, a start-up company in Seattle, has developed a portable turbine that generates energy from water flowing in irrigation canals. BlackGold Biofuels, based in Philadelphia, takes fats, oils and grease out of wastewater to create biodiesel. Read more The New York … Continue reading

Innovation and sustainable development

Tweet Kaj Embren, Spero Executive Coach, interview with Gunter Pauli, a world-renowned innovator whose entrepreneurial activities span business, culture, science, politics and the environment. He is dedicated to design and implement a society and industries, which respond to peoples needs … Continue reading