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I am going to the Amazon…..

Tweet My Easter travel will be through my books. I decided to go back to my memories of the Amazon Rainforest. I have spent several years travelling and working together with indian tribes in the Amazon. I visited the Amazon … Continue reading

From Bangladesh via New York and Wall Street to Stockholm

Tweet On a Sunday afternoon at the restaurant Vapiano in the Old Town of Stockholm , I met 33 years old Patrick Botlero.  He was born in Dhaka in Bangladesh, grew up in Queens, New York, worked in Wall Street … Continue reading

Rio+20: What are you waiting for?

Tweet Ahead of the Rio+20 Summit I would like to share three thoughts of mine that may inspire you to take action. 1. In Europe we can save energy, become independent of fossil fuel – and create new jobs. But how can … Continue reading

The climate issue is about more than activists on the streets

Tweet The disappointing failure of our national governments to agree on a climate treaty has prompted the return of protest and more traditional forms of activism that have drawn people onto the streets. The threat to our planet remains as … Continue reading

What will Rio+ 20 deliver?

Tweet The preparation of the Rio Earth summit in June next year are now on the road and a statement have been delivered by the Chief Executives in the UN organisation. A wide and general platform that need to be discussed … Continue reading

Solutions for Rio – debate in the UK Parliament

Tweet More than 150 politicians, businesses and NGO:s participated in the discussion about the roadmap to Rio +20 and Stockholm+40. The threats of our civilisation was present in the discussion. Mark Edwards the producer of the Hard Rain exhibition clarified and … Continue reading

Deforestation in Brazil accelerate

Tweet Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon accelerated in June, with more than 300 square kilometers destroyed, a 17 percent increase over the previous month, government researchers said Tuesday. The National Institute for Space Research (INPE) said 312.6 square kilometers (120 square … Continue reading

Sweden on the top of the list of biofuel use in Europe


Continue reading

Another State, Another Scandal: Corruption in Brazil

Tweet In my recent interview with Ricardo Freitas – one of the new wave of corporate leaders in Brazilian sustainable development – he talks of the endemic nature of corruption in Brazilian business and politics. The founder of the sustainable … Continue reading

Sustainable urban development one of the key issues as Rio +20 planned

Tweet In Rio de Janeiro plans start to take shape before the Earth Summit 2012. One year left, and expectations are not very high. 20 years have passed since the last Rio Conference and the 40 years since the Stockholm … Continue reading