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Eco system service awarded by Volvo

Tweet Gretchen Daily, professor at Stanford University in California, is convinced that the only way to generate welfare in the long term is to put a price tag on the ecosystem. “If we don’t the destruction of our natural capital … Continue reading

Improve Human Health in World’s Growing Cities

Tweet Hyderabad (India), 15 October 2012 – Global urbanization will have significant implications for biodiversity and ecosystems if current trends continue, with knock-on effects for human health and development, according to a new assessment by the United Nations Convention on … Continue reading

City ranking in Europe and the London Olympics 2012

Tweet In an interview with Andrew Mitchell, FCO Director for 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, in London this week we discussed the Sustainability targets for the games. See the interview and what he said about the Carbon Neutral targets and other … Continue reading

Green Awards – Forest and biodiversity on the agenda

Tweet The UN International Year of Forests is the theme for this year’s International Year of Green AwardsTM, in recognition of the key role that sustainable forest management plays towards promoting a more equitable future.  Last year, the Awards honoured respected … Continue reading

From Stockholm on the Road to Rio de Janeiro 2012

Tweet An interview with Dr Ashok Khosla, President of IUCN, one of the speakers at the 3rd Nobel Laureate Symposium on Global Sustainability development in Stockholm between on 16-19 May 2011. The interview highlights the issues of ongoing international negotiations, … Continue reading

Indian consortium buy Swedish Green Solution Company – Domsjö Factories

Tweet An Indian group buys biorefinery Domsjö factories with 350 employees. The seller is the private equity consortium that once saved the endangered plant closure. See the interview with the CEO of Domsjö     – For all the Domsjö … Continue reading

Baltic Sea Action Plan

Tweet The HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan is a programme to restore the good ecological status of the Baltic marine environment by 2021. The new strategy is a crucial stepping stone for wider and more efficient actions to combat the continuing … Continue reading

Fish stock declining figures under debate

Tweet 33 percent of all stocks are over-exploited and up to 13 percent of all stocks have collapsed says in a new study from Two University of Washington scientists have just published a study in the journal Conservation Biology. It’s not … Continue reading

Whats going on with the honeybees?

Tweet In an article by Fiona Harvey in the Guardian on monday she wrote: – Honeybees are taking emergency measures to protect their hives from pesticides, in an extraordinary example of the natural world adapting swiftly to our depredations, according to … Continue reading