Biofuels for cars and airplanes

10/10/2011 / Kaj

In an article today in The New York Times we could read that the world’s airlines will carry 2.8 billion passengers and 46 million tons of freight this year.

They will burn somewhere between 210 million and 220 million tons of fuel and generate 650 million tons of carbon emissions in the process.

The transport sector contributed 23% of the total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the world according to the latest estimates of the International Energy Agency (IEA). Within road transport, automobiles and light trucks produce well over 60% of emissions, but in low- and middle-income developing countries, freight trucks (and in some cases, even buses) consume more fuel and emit more CO2 than the aforementioned light-duty vehicles.

The use of biofules have gone from to be a futuristic sky line to a reality. The new generation of biofuels are more efficient and the sources is not only food related. In Sweden the total need of biofuels could be coming from the forest sources. Together with the development of biogas, batteries the electrical vehicle could be a part of the important mix to create a Carbon Neutral fleet in the transport sector.

The European Commission and Airbus have developed the initiative, along with airlines Lufthansa, KLM and British Airways, and biofuel producers Choren Industries, Neste Oil, Biomass Technology Group and UOP.

A critical view have been delivered from the NGO:s – partly the Greenwash argument which is always a part of the development. But, this should not stop the development to find a better solution then the fossil fuels the transport sector use today.

I remember from 2005 when Leif Johansson, at that time the CEO of Volvo Truck said that the ambition was to build trucks, powered by everything from biodiesel and ethanol to biogas and hydrogen. An they delivered 7 different truck with alternative fuels.

So, why not speed up the transport market development. Invest, develop, produce and deliver.

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