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Almedalen 2013 – A slumbering welfare model “at risk”

We are now approaching the time for Sweden’s biggest political event – The Almedalen Political Week (June 30-July 7). An event on the island of Gotland in the Baltic sea which now brings together 20,000 participants from all Swedish political … Continue reading

Towards a Lagom Society

We have a wonderful word in Swedish, ’lagom.’ Its meaning, like all wonderful foreign words, gets lost in translation, coming out as something like ’sufficient’ or ’adequate’ in English. But these synonyms fail to capture the contentment or perfect balance … Continue reading

Respect Climate: Looking for Smart Climate Solutions

We are a long way off solving the problem of climate change. One need only to think of the string of failed climate negotiations or the recent massive investments in tar sands and shale gas to appreciate this. It is … Continue reading

Reducing water and chemicals – new opportunity for suppliers

It is no surprise that we see some Swedish Consumer Market giants acting more responsible in their markets. With a step by step approach, both IKEA and H&M, have positively moved their positions in the field of CSR. IKEA, based … Continue reading

Sweden’s Renewable Majority

51%. The majority of Sweden’s energy comes from renewable sources. It is an achievement that has surpassed both the EU’s target of 49% by 2020 and the Swedish parliament adopted target of 50 percent in 2020.The seeds to this success … Continue reading

Modern Management: Making People Dance

In his new book, 21st Century Management: Leadership and Innovation in a Thought Economy, Mats Lindgren argues that modern management must adapt to the Thought Economy. We, in the West, live in a post-industrial world, where information, patents, ideas and … Continue reading

Ranking of Sweden’s top sustainability figures 2013

A new list of Swedens most influence people in the field of Environment has been published. The new ranking list will give you a deeper insight in the field of opinions, environment and Sustainable Development. The Environmental Dayli’s (owned by IDG) list … Continue reading

Honest and healthy food?

An increasing number of people, myself included, are demanding more from what we eat.  The discussion of horse meat will push the food industry to the front of the debate. And it is more than one question to be raised about values and ethics … Continue reading

Green Investment and the Circular Economy

At the World Economic Forum The Green Growth Action Alliance published – The green Investment report some weeks ago.The Green Investment Report is the first report from the Alliance. It aims to inform and inspire policy-makers and public and private finance … Continue reading

State-Owned, But on Whose Behalf?

I want to talk to you about TeliaSonera, a telecoms operator, and Vattenfall, an energy company. Both these companies are Swedish. Both are giants in their respective sectors. And both have recently been embroiled in scandals that have cost their … Continue reading