A very honourable man passed away – Ray Anderson, Interface

09/08/2011 / Kaj

Dear all,

It was with a sad feeling I get knowing today that Ray Anderson have passed away. His fight with his cancer was intensive and hard. I always will remember Ray as an innovator, leader and a doer to build a sustainable society for the generations to come. My first meeting with Ray was in Stockholm more than 15 years ago when he with strong engagement took the Swedish Natural Step (TNS) Methodology and called it “Mount Sustainability” into Interface and the world market.

It was with Karl-Henrik Robert, the leader of TNS when we built up the Natural Step in the early 90’s, I first met Ray Anderson. I have followed in various places in the world inspired and discussed with him about corporate social responsibility and how to run an industrial company with sustainable principles in the foreground. Read Karl-Henriks words about Ray

See the TED Talk with Ray from2009

Kaj Embrén




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