90 per cent of investments in clean energy go to G20 countries

03/06/2011 / Kaj

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) yesterday launched a guidebook that provides advice to decision-makers in developing countries on how to tap into growing environmental finance markets as funding becomes increasingly available to tackle the challenges of climate change.The guidebook, entitled “Catalysing Climate Finance,” draws on UNDP’s experience managing hundreds of climate projects in 140 countries over the past two decades. It contains step-by-step guidance for identifying and implementing a mixture of public policies and funding instruments to raise climate finance. 

“In the absence of effective capacity building and appropriate advisory services, there’s a significant risk that only a few emerging economies will fully benefit from these positive developments,” said Rebeca Grynspan, UNDP Associate Administrator.

“By some estimates around 90 per cent of investments in clean energy go to G20 [Group of 20 economies] countries and the remaining 10 per cent go to the rest of the world,” she said.

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