89% see climate change as a serious problem in a new European survey

08/10/2011 / Kaj

As Europe takes action to meet its objectives, it is important to understand the attitudes and behaviour of EU citizens towards climate change and their expectations for the future.

This Eurobarometer survey measures these and compares them with the last poll on this issue carried out in 2009.

Some of the findings are:

89% see climate change as a serious problem, with 68% considering it a very serious problem (up from 64% in 2009). On a scale of 1 (least) to 10 (most), Europeans rank the seriousness of climate change at 7.4 (against 7.1 in 2009).

There is also a positive view of the economic benefits of tackling climate change – almost eight in ten (78%) respondents agree that it can boost the economy and create jobs, a big increase since 2009 (when 63% agreed). At least two-thirds of respondents in each Member State share this view.

Just over two-thirds (68%) support basing taxation to a greater extent on energy use, with a majority in favour of this in every Member State.

There is a widespread expectation that Europe will become a climate-friendly, low- carbon economy by 2050:

88% believe Europe will be using more renewable energy 87% expect we will be more energy-efficient 73% believe that cars will be powered more efficiently.

Read more about Climate Change at http://bit.ly/oOWEiW


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