6 km new district cooling pipes in Stockholm

07/10/2011 / Kaj

Step by step Stockholm have established its sustainable and low carbon society. The Hammarby Seafront area was the first new integrated neighbourhood with high ambitions to meet sustainable city targets. The coming area will be the North Djurgårdsstaden which have been learning the lessons of Hammarby Seafront. Still many international guest passing by this unique area of Hammarby Seafront. And thing will also change in old areas. The district heating and cooling network is growing. In march the 6ooo meter the cooling system will be in place . Many stores and offices in the city are user of air-conditioning.  Cooling also reduces carbon dioxide emissions. According to the Energy company Fortum’s own the calculations will roll out in Stockholm to reduce emissions by around 30,000 tonnes of carbon per year.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has been a partner and invested in several remote refrigeration projects throughout Sweden, including what is now being expanded in Stockholm.


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